Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chunchunkatte falls

18 August 2013

The Kaveri River forms a nice little waterfall of about 65 feet high at Chunchunkatte.  It is about 15 km from KR Nagara. KR Nagara is about 40 km from Mysore.

Steps are constructed to reach the base of the waterfall.

Before reaching the main waterfalls, a ‘side waterfall’ makes its appearance on the left. It is a good place to jump into water.

The water falls in two sections to join into a single stream at the bottom. During peak monsoon, both sections join together.

I went during August but the monsoon had weakened by that time.

Next to the falls is Kodandarama Temple. An ancient Temple which attracts lot of religious people.

When to visit:
Monsoon is the best time to visit. It can be a “detour” from Belekere if you are travelling towards from Mysore to Madikeri. 


R Niranjan Das said...

Nice captures. Seems like a nice place to head to.

Country Hopping Couple said...

This seems like such a beautiful place. I am sure Monsoon is just a perfect time to travel here!

siddeshwar said...

Beautiful pictures! Waterfalls as always are captivating, those sights and sounds...

Swati Singh said...

Beautiful photos of the waterfall and temple! sounds a perfect weekend getaway ...
thanks for sharing...

Aravind GJ said...

Thanks!! Yes... a nice place during monsoon.

Country hopping couple,
Thanks for your comments.