Saturday, March 01, 2014

AG waterfall

12 January 2013

Another trek with Udupi friends. This time I decided to join them at the destination as it was more convenient for me.
Walk on the Jeep track

Funnel web

Most of us knew the starting point of the falls. Cross the forest department gate and continue on a Jeep track. But we did a mistake of asking a person who misguided us to go further on the highway. After travelling for 6-7 km we realized our mistake and returned back to the same point!!

The walk on the Jeep track was pleasant. We were a big group of about 20 people and were split into 3-4 groups based on their speed of walking. The continuous climb hastened the splitting process!!

After about 75 minutes of climbing we reached a point of diversion. Being in the “front gang”, we decided to wait for everyone to join to avoid any confusion in the route. We rested for a good amount of time before everyone arrived.

We had climbed about a thousand feet from start point but it was time to lose the altitude we gained!! Hence started the steep and continuous descent. After about half an hour we were in front of the waterfall. It was one of the easiest treks I had done!!

Descending into the valley

I had doubts about the amount of water during that season but the waterfall did not disappoint me. A very decent amount of water indeed.

A small pool had formed at the base of the waterfall. Most of us jumped into water. Good swimmers crossed the pool to beach the base while non swimmers and swimming pool swimmers like me confined to the periphery of the pool!!

After cooling down in the water, it was time to take some photographs. Tried various things in different angles to capture the beauty.

After lunch and little amount of rest we decided to head back. A surprise awaited us just before our exit. Rainbow formed at the base of the falls. What a spectacle!!

A short and a nice trek to a beautiful place!!


R Niranjan Das said...

Beautiful falls. Loved the pool. Excellent captures too.

Team G Square said...

Wonderful captures. Loved the last two captures.

Santosh bs said...

wow! excellent.

I would suggest you enlighten some of us lesser mortals with information of all these hidden jems :)

Aravind GJ said...

Niranjan, Dhiraj,
Thanks for your comments.

Thanks. I usually do not disclose information of lesser known and pristine in public forum.

Send me a mail and you get the info!!

Sana said...

Nice place to visit on my next visit to udupi. I'll write to you for more details. Appreciate the thought of not disclosing details for public.

VENU VINOD said...

AG falls is one of the best place to visit especially during summer. the route is challenging, and the water splash is real heatsink!
I have visited twice, and both times enjoyed the falls.

Aravind GJ said...

Thanks for your comments.

You are right. This falls will have decent amount of water even during summer.

Thanks for the comment.

Priti Singh said...

Aravind, this post looks spectacular. What camera are you using ? I love the pictures. I think you have captured the moments perfectly through your lens. I would love to visit such celestial locations. Thanks for sharing this post.

shantharaju said...

Beautiful Place & Beautiful Photography

Aravind GJ said...

Thanks for your comments. I use Nikon D90.

Thanks for your comments.

Sudarshan Vittal said...
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Sudarshan Vittal said...

Sir Could you please share the detail of this heavenly place, My email address is
Thank You in advance :)