Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When there was no “falls” in Jogfalls

August 2014

I have seen Jogfalls in its different forms and shape. Be it when the all of its four branches merged to a single block of water or when there was hardly any water trickling from it. Once I was the only visitor at the falls and another time I got into a massive traffic jam due to sudden influx of tourists!!

I got a chance to visit the falls this monsoon. The dam was not yet full but still considering good rains I was expecting huge crowds in Jogfalls. Contrary to my expectations, there were hardly few people in the area!! Good for us!!, I thought myself. But then there was no falls.

Empty seats!!

Fog had completely filled the area. From talks with locals, it seemed that the fog never lifted up that day. That was strange as it usually plays hide and seek with visitor but lifts off in few minutes.

Nothing to see

Local photographers at the falls had a bad day; else they used to be busy taking snaps of the tourists with falls in the background and earn their living. Not many tourists were happy taking snaps with just fog in the background!! Tourists who had come from farther places were disappointed a lot.

Authorities had blocked the way to the base of the falls. Just recently they had made nice steps to the base only to close it down. Some nut headed guy would have fallen in the water and everyone has to suffer because of his foolishness. It’s like cutting off the nose just because the man is suffering from cold. Government and its people thinking are quite crazy and funny.

Posing in front of the waterfalls
We then went to British Bungalow side. The building there was beautifully renovated but was locked. And access to the top of waterfalls was also closed. Two boring policemen were put to duty to make sure that no one ventures near water.

The fog showed some signs of lifting and “roarer” made a brief appearance on the scene. But that was it. The show was closed and it was total whiteout again.

My wife and Mother were not very happy with the visit. But I seemed to be pretty satisfied with the outcome. One does not get to experience such stuff often.


Sana said...

I wonder how beautiful it would have been when it was just you at the falls!!! Its hard to get so lucky nowadays. I have had similar experiences of traffic jams. And few some small crowd. And this being one of my favorite places, I love to see it in all forms. Thanks for posting :)

R Niranjan Das said...

I was there at Jog early this month and the fog kept covering the falls often. But luckily, it kept disappearing and had a good view of the falls. Is British bungalow the few bungalows one can see on to the left the falls (on the top) from the view point this side?

Vineeta Yashswi said...

Amazing pictures...

krishna said...

beautiful pictures... reminds me my Lonavla visit long, long ago... awesome pictures

Aravind GJ said...

When it was only me in the falls, there was no water at all!! I just had to stare towards the hot rocks and come back. "You can't have your cake and eat it too".

Yes. British bungalow is on the left side of the falls. From here you get a different perspective of the falls.

Vineeta, Krishna,
Thanks for your comments.

Nisha Jha said...

Such lovely pictures. I don't mind the fogs as long as one enjoys the place.

Nisha Jha said...
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Sana said...

Ha Ha agree on that with you, Aravind.

Aravind GJ said...

Thanks. Yes. Indeed it was a nice experience!!


Alliha Jonson said...

Wow! These all are stunning and mesmerizing views that you have captured. I have never seen this type of fog anywhere. All scenes are provoking me to go there as soon as possible. I have never seen the Jog Falls but now I am eager to see it. I am damn sure that you have enjoyed your trip very much. I will try to explore this region after finishing my niagara falls tour from new York.Your blog is very impressive not for me but for all nature lovers and tourists.