Friday, December 19, 2014

Panchapalli dam - A little know place near Bengaluru

25 October 2014

It is one of those Sundays where I had nothing to do. I remembered an article in a forum about a reservoir near Bengaluru.  I had forgotten the name as I had seen the article long back but it was not hard to find it out in net. My family was not too enthused with the name of the place as they never heard of it before. Any way, it was better to try out something than spending time in Bengaluru.

Backwater of Panchapalli dam
To reach Panchapalli dam, we first went to Hosur and had our lunch at Meenakshi Bhavan. I had been to that hotel before and found the place decent and cost efficient. My family also felt the same now. After lunch, we headed towards Denkanikottai. Crossing Hosur took a long time than I expected.

Road leading to the dam
I had been to Denkanikottai before. That was during my visit to Spider valley. But it was long back. 

At Denkanikottai, the Bettraya Swamy Temple looked great from outside. Since our destination was different we continued further. The narrow roads welcomed us after Denkanikottai. After about 10-15 km the landscape changed a bit as mountains started appearing. We were getting down a ghat section when the lake appeared!!

Denkanikottai Temple

Panchapalli dam waters seen from the road
The reservoir was not full but had decent amount of water. We parked at the entrance of the dam. There was no restriction and people were freely allowed to walk on the dam. As we walked on the dam, rain played hide and seek act.

The dam
Nested in between the mountains, Panchapalli dam is a nice place for a day visit. Navember-December is the best time as Tamilnadu gets rain during that period.

While going back we stopped at a Temple where statue of Policemen accompanied Gods!! I had seen this in many places in Tamilnadu but have no idea about the presence of cop’s statues!! Strange things!!

While returning back, we bypassed much of the Hosur town to reach Anekal directly. In that way we could also avoid a toll both on NH-7!!

Tanu posing for photograph


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