Trip to Andaman Islands

December 2014

Trip to Andaman was in my mind for several years. Since my daughter has school holidays only during April-May, October and Christmas I had to plan something during that time. The preference was Christmas time as weather would not be great during April-May and October in Andaman.  I always found that flight tickets to Port Blair were extremely expensive during Christmas prompting to head to other destinations. This time I ensured that I buy ticket well in advance. When I got cheap flights tickets last February I did not hesitate to do booking evening though it was 10 months in advance.

At Ross & Smith island, North Andaman

Ship is another option to reach Andaman but I never liked the prospect of staying put in a ship for 3-4 days. Unlike flight tickets, booking ship is a cumbersome process.

Like my many travels, this trip was also not free from starting trouble. Dense fog at Bengaluru airport delayed our flight by more than two hours. But in my experience the trips are that met with starting trouble are the most memorable ones!!

Runway of Port Blair airport

Everyone I interacted was surprised that I had planned the trip for 11 days. “What is there to see for 11 days?” was their question. Most Andaman trips have “packages” of 5-6 days and that was the source of their question. On the other hand, I was feeling that 11 days were grossly insufficient for what I wanted to experience!!

After coming back from Andaman, I felt that I had very little information about that place before. Lot of my understandings was wrong. Here are some facts about Andaman though few of them can be debatable:

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