Beaches of Rangat and our journey to Diglipur

29 December 2014

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Baratang to Rangat

After a night’s stay in Rangat we were ready to head further north. As the restaurant in hotel was not opened, Alex took us to “Aroma restaurant” which had some good idlies.

We were planning to go on boat from Rangat to Havelock during return journey instead of going to Port Blair by road and then taking boat to Havelock. So we went to the ticket issuing place and booked tickets for the same. With boat tickets secured, we were all set to go to Diglipur.

The road to Diglipur after Rangat passes next to the sea for few kilometers providing some good vista points. Obviously there are also some good beaches on the way.

The first one we encountered was Amkunj beach. From a view point, the beach can be seen in full.

It is not a sand beach and the roughness gives a new perspective.

Forest department has constructed log sofas and swings. At that point of time we were the only people in the beach.

A few km away was Moricedera beach, situated next to the highway.

It was rockier and getting into the water was difficult.

A view point is constructed around a huge rock. That is an amazing place.

Views from the place were also spectacular.

Dhaninallah was the last beach in this section. Unlike the other beaches, this was situated little away from the main road. We had to walk through the mangrove forest for a kilometer to reach the beach.

A closer look at the mangrove forest.

The root of a huge tree in mangrove forest.

After the mangrove forest the beach opened up. It was a long sandy beach.

Forest department had made nice arrangements in the beach for tourists. It was amazing to note that in the peak season of Christmas we were the only tourists in all these beaches!!

That was the beaches in Rangat.

Mayabunder was a big town on the way. But it was away from the main road and hence we did not visit it. At Panighat near Mayabunder the panighat creek separates Middle Andaman from North. Here is the longest bridge in Andaman. Called as “Austin Bridge”, this was constructed in 2002.

It was 2PM when we reached Diglipur. We were very hungry and went into a restaurant in the center of the town. Food was not good and we vowed never to eat again in that place. Diglipur has better restaurants.

Our place of stay was “Pristine beach resort” at Kalipur which was about 18km from Diglipur. There are only two decent places of stay in Diglipur. One is “Pristine beach resort” run by private and Government owned Turtle resort. Both are opposite to each other. Government accommodation is cheaper but booking process is complex.

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