Elephant beach in Havelock

2nd January 2015

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The easiest way to see clear water in Havelock Island is by visiting Elephant beach. There are two ways to approach the beach. One way is to take a speed boat from Havelock Jetty. The second option is to walk for about 2km from a place near Radhanagar beach.

We decided to take the boat route. After registering at the counter, we went to “Dakshin” hotel for breakfast. By the time we arrived back at the counter, the place was filled with people and boats were ready to leave. We got an exclusive boat for ourselves. 20 minutes of uneventful journey brought us to the Elephant beach. The scary waves of Ross & Smith were not seen in Havelock!!

We had few things to do in Havelock. I and Chaya went for Snorkeling while Tanu decided to play in water. Later Tanu took courage to use tube and go further into the sea. The water was clear and waves were gentle.

Most tourists concentrate at one point in the beach. I walked little away from the crowded area and it was absolute isolation!! The effect of Tsumani was again visible on this beach in the form of fallen trees.

Here is an uprooted tree.

When I come back, Tanu is still enjoying in water. Not ready to leave the beach!!

Elephant beach is not the one to be missed if you are in Havelock. It is a great place to Snorkel. 

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