Radhanagar beach in Havelock

2 January 2015

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The last place of our visit was also the most famous beach in Andaman Islands. It was awarded in 2004 as the best beach in Asia. A great achievement considering many high quality beaches Asia has.

Considering its popularity it is natural to expect large crowds in the beach. The beach is about 12 km from Havelock Jetty. While buses are available from Jetty to Havelock, there are innumerable numbers of private taxis ready to transport people.  

The beach definitely looks spectacular. The blue waters, white sand and dense forest background make this beach beautiful. Local authority has provided enough facilities like sitting areas, changing rooms, toilet and bathrooms. Life guards are also on duty which is a rarity in India.

Even during New Years Eve, the beach was not crowded. There were people but not the kind of crowds we see in places like Goa. Chaya decided to rest on the beach and Tanu got herself busy in building sand castles, I went for a walk along the beach. The stony area marks end of the beach. On the other side was a small, beautiful and secluded beach!!

The small beach
Radhanagar is also a place where I saw many foreign tourists. They seemed to like this beach.

It is Tanu lifting time here. It was time to say Good bye to Andaman after 10 eventful days though we still had to get back to Port Blair before boarding our flight!!  

Finally, Radhanagar beach is also good for sunset!!

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