Panchakuta Basadi at Kambadahalli

25 April 2014

Sometimes we travel to places with fewer expectations but return with a pleasant experience. One such place was Kambadahalli that I visited last weekend. A great place if you have liking for history and Architecture.

The name Kambadahalli (meaning “pillar village” in English) comes from the pillar in front of the Basadi. It is said that the bell on the pillar rings when there is a problem in the village. Sounds strange but villagers vouch that it works!! The Temple was constructed in 900 – 1000AD during the time of Ganga and Hoysala rulers.

The wife of the priest along with her son guided us in the Temple. They provided quite some information which I find now hard to recall!!  The Basadi was constructed in two phases. The first phase consists of three shrines (right side on the picture below).

The second phase consists of two shrines facing each other joined by pillared porch. All shrines have the idol of thirthankaras.

There are beautiful carvings on the roof.

The idol of Thirthankaras.

This sculpture has three expressions; serious, smile and in peaceful meditation. These expressions are revealed when light is beamed from different directions. Amazing!!

Carvings on the wall.

How to reach:
Kambadahalli is about 20 km from Bellur cross. The shorter route via Bindiganavile passes through the villages and coconut plantations. While most of the road is in good condition, few stretches were under construction. The rains led to some slushy patches in between. Another route is via Nelamangala. This is longer but road conditions are better. 

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