Seattle in photos

Feb 2015

The weather in Seattle is always gloomy especially during winter. The day was not different as I was engulfed in mist the moment I got down from the Bus. The road was deserted as people preferred to stay indoors in that gloomy weather. After walking for half an hour on the deserted streets of Downtown Seattle, I reached Space Needle.

Space Needle
The lady at the counter mentioned that the visibility was very low. I had looked at the weather report and it indicated some improvement by noon. Hence I decided to take some risk. The Downtown was covered in fog but it was slowly lifting.

On one side was the view of the harbour. One of the ships loaded with containers was waiting for the signal from harbour to move.

If the weather was clear, I should have seen Mt. Rainier standing at 14,409 feet. But not that day!!

Finally the fog cleared to give a better view of Seattle downtown. But Mt. Rainier still stood behind the clouds. Since the view was much better than expected, I came down the Space Needle as a satisfied man.

Another way to view Seattle downtown is take a cruise. It was situated next to a big wheel.
View of the downtown as the boat left the Jetty.

As the boat moved further, the complete view of Seattle was seen.

A ship loaded with containers in the harbor. Each container is the size of a huge truck.

Waiting for ship!!

Here is the view of the harbour and Seattle wheel.

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