Thusharagiri waterfalls in Kerala

As I wait for the arrival of rains to start monsoon trips, the thoughts of some waterfalls visited last year hit my minds. For some reason the photos did not go out of computer. I did not think of posting anything about it. While I am doing nothing much, it is a good time to reflect some of the beautiful waterfalls visited last September with my friends Sankara and Chitrai. One of them was Thusharagiri waterfalls.

Tusharagiri is a famous waterfall in Calicut area though it is less known outside the district. The waterfalls is easily accessible with good approach roads. A diversion at Adivaram from Mysore-Calicut highway (NH-212) after Wayanad ghat section takes to the waterfall. The road after highway diverges a lot and hence we missed the route many times. We also misguided others and then hoped that we do not see them again for the fear of repercussions!!

Anyway, we reached the falls with the help of locals. Forest department has constructed path to the base of the falls. They charge entry fee to the waterfall but the place is well maintained. It gets crowded often but the cleanliness of the place is well preserved. Kudos to Kerala Forest department guys!!

Tusharagiri is not one but a series of waterfalls. Anyone can visit the first waterfall but to reach the higher ones, uphill trek is required with permission. During our visit in September, forest department was not allowing anyone to go higher. Post November would the time to trek to those waterfalls.

It is a one step waterfall with a small pool formed at the base.

An interesting place near the falls is a big tree with hollow trunk. A very old tree indeed. Forest guard mentioned its age but I do not remember now. Not to be missed.

Best time to travel to this waterfall is in monsoon. But to see all falls (there are about 4-5 in number), visit after November.

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