Adyanpara waterfalls

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To reach Adyanpara waterfalls, we had to go towards Nilambur. Google maps showed a shortcut from Kakkampoyil passing through the forests. This time we were more cautious and took feedback from locals on the conditions of the road. Locals recommended taking that road. It was indeed a great option considering that the ghat road was very scenic with very less vehicles running on that stretch.

A waterfalls on ghat road
Adyanpara waterfall is very famous in Mallapuram area which was indicated by a number of sign boards to the falls. The forest department collects entry fees for the waterfalls.

The falls is well maintained. Railings have been put to ensure that people do not venture into water. The area is also kept very clean. It was surprising as the place attracts many visitors. View points are constructed to view the waterfalls.

Yet another nice waterfall in Mallapuram area. The falls is about 15 km from Nilambur.

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