Attukal falls – A multistep waterfall in a valley

27 June 2015

The deviation to this falls is about 7-8km from Munnar on Munnar-Kochi road at Pallivasal village. As you drive down the valley on the narrow road, it is hard to miss the falls on the other side of the valley. This view of the falls cannot be seen when you reach the base of the valley. Hence it makes sense to stop for a while and enjoy the falls. It is normal for this area to be covered by mist in Monsoon so ensure that you stop if the view is clear.

The road from main road to the base of the valley is about 2 km through a series of switchbacks. The road as mentioned is very narrow with sharp hairpin bends. At one of those turns, I had to reverse my car to turn fully!!

When you reach the bridge over the river, look at the places where you can park your vehicle. There isn’t much space on either side of the bridge. A small coffee shop is situated at the side of the falls. It is a good experience to enjoy the falls with a sip of tea or coffee. 

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