Unnamed waterfalls of Munnar

June 2015

I have been writing about the waterfalls of Munnar for past few weeks. Though I knew about these waterfalls, their grandeur surpassed all my expectations. While we were looking for the known waterfalls, many more appeared on the way. Most of them were seasonal waterfalls like a flower that blossoms at a particular period. But they have their unique beauty. The rest of the post gives a glimpse of these falls.

While climbing Bodi ghat from Theni in Tamil Nadu, The contrast between rain shadow and monsoon area is clearly visible. At the place where they meet together is a small waterfall.

After crossing over to Kerala, another waterfall makes its appearance. Its presence inside canopy of tress makes to easy to miss. It resembled Badamane Abbi falls that I saw in Yelaneeru few years ago.

Out of three entry roads to Munnar, Munnar-Kochi road has the maximum number of waterfalls. Below is one such waterfall.

How does it look from the road? Here is another snap.

A big unnamed waterfall is at Segulam village. We could not go near the falls as a dam was being constructed. This falls might have a name considering its size and amount of water.

Here is another falls. To get a clear view we had to climb a bit.

Munnar Udumalpet road passes through Eravikulam National Park and has its own list of water beauties. As the road gradually meanders down the valleys many waterfalls makes it appearance. The prominent among them was quite far from the road. There might be a way to reach the base of the falls but we did not give a try.

After getting down the hills, we again enter into rain show area. But there are streams that flow from hills of western ghat. At a place called Karimutty, a small waterfall can be seen. It is a kind of commercial waterfall going by the number of people nearby.

There were many more waterfalls that we saw along the way. Either we did not stop for lack of time or we suffered from “waterfall fatigue” few times!! And there are few inside Eravikulam National park. That requires another post.

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