Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple – An architectural beauty near Bengaluru!!

4 July 2015

It was surprising that I did not visit this Temple before. The main reason was that I believed it to be just a religious Temple. I am not sure how this belief entered into my mind but it was strange that I did not give my much importance to this Temple. It was only recently when my brother who, visited this Temple mentioned that it was an architecturally important monument. And then it didn’t take much time for me to plan the visit!!

Situated at the base of Nandi hills, it is an easy place to reach from Bengaluru. The Temple complex is huge with a park at the front.

According to ASI “This is a twin temple built side by side.  The north one is dedicated to Bhoganandishwara and the south shrine to Arunachaleshwara. Each consists of a garbhagriha, a sukanasi and a navagraha. They have two pierced windows opposite to each other in both the sukanasi and navagraha. The four pillars of the navagraha of the Bhoganandeeshwara shrine are carved with fine small figures on all the sides. The ceiling over the, over 7 feet square has, astadhikpalakas with Shiva and Parvathi in the central panel. In front of navaranga entrance is Nandi Mantapa. The outer walls of north and south shrines have pilasters, turrets and pierced windows with a few figures here and there. The base has a frieze of elephants, yaalis and lions intercepted with each other. Both the shrines have fine sikharas built of stone which are mostly similar in design”.

This Temple was built by Ratnavali, the consort of Bana King Bana Vidyadhara in AD 810. It was under the patronage of later dynasties of Ganga, Chola, Hoysala and Vijaynagar Empire.

The main kalyani in the temple is surprisingly kept clean. You can see Nandi hills in the backdrop.

Kalyani is a good place for fish pedicure.

Another small kalyani in the park does not enjoy similar cleanliness.

Look at the window art. Very beautiful!!

Equally nice are the sculptures on the wall.

The vasantha mantapa has distinct Vijaynagar era style.

And so is the Mahanavami dibba.

I was immensely satisfied with this temple. A must visit anyone who staying in Bengaluru and interested in Architecture. Even Tanu was very happy with the Temple and its surrounding. Here is something she is trying hard to push. Of course, it was just for photography!!

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