Bali surfing experience

October 2015

Surfing is one of the popular water activity in Western world. But it is not a famous sport in India. At least I haven’t seen any activity in Indian beeches. Either the waves are not good for surfing or there is not much interest in that sport. But I was always excited on seeing surfing videos on Television and internet. When I started research on Bali, I came to know that it is famous for surfing. An activity to learn surfing was added in the itinerary of Bali.

With surfing instructor
There are many surfing classes in Kuta area of Bali. I took 2 hour course at Legian beach near Kuta. The first lesson was on the sand. I was taught about the techniques of lying down and then getting up on the surf board. Then the instructor took me to the sea. I was bit scared when I had to face high waves but soon got used to it. Very soon I understood that surfing is not an easy game!! It takes quite some effort to synchronise with the waves and balance the board. Initial few times, I just fell down from the board.

Gradually the success rate increased and I started enjoying the sport. It helps a bit if you know Surya Namaskar. The process from lying down to getting up the surf board resembles Surya Namaskar!! 

It is good to know bit of swimming if you want to surf as you enter into sea without life jacket.

Though I planned to surf for 2 hours, I was tired by 1.5 hours. It is not easy. You need to take the surf board from the shore to waters against the wave and do “Surya Namaskar” while surfing to the shore. And this happens in hot sun. A lot of energy is spent in this process. But it had lot of fun.

My wife took a video of surfing from the beach. It is a not a dramatic one but good enough for me!!

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