Places to visit in Cherrapunji

I believe that almost everyone in India would have heard about Cherrapunji. In schools, we were told that it witnesses the highest rainfall in the world. That position is now taken by neighbouring Mawsynram but Cherrapunji still retains its name in people’s mind. Needless to say that the best time to visit Cherrapunji is during rains. The area will be filled with waterfalls.

But our visit was in the month of December. While the waterfalls lost their charm, there were still few places worth visiting. This is just a subset of many waterfalls that we did not visit as they go completely dry during December.

Mawkdok view point
It is situated midway between Shillong to Cherrapunji. Just before the view point is a bridge resembling “hanging bridge”. The valley extends till Cherrapunji. A beautiful place to spend some time before proceeding further. 

Dainthlen falls
A spot next to the road some 4 km before Cherrapunji. The water was just tricking down in the falls did not give any pleasure but the views were great!!

Nohkalikai waterfalls
One of the highest waterfall in India. Also, the only falls that hold some water in December. It still looked beautiful during dry season. You can imagine the beauty during rainy season. I made up my mind to visit this beautiful place during monsoon. Not to be missed at all. The falls is about 5 km from Cherrapunji and the road leading to it is simply beautiful.

Mawsmai cave
Meghalaya has many caves and Mawsmai cave near Cherrapunji is a small but beautiful limestone cave. I have seen many such caves but each of them are different in their own ways. It is a “one way” cave meaning that the cave has separate entry and exit points. It is an ideal place to reach during lunch time as there are many restaurants nearby. 

The area is also home to “pitcher plant” though the ones we saw were still not fully grown.

Eco park and seven sister waterfalls
The park is simple but the view are excellent. Again a great place to visit during monsoon.

Khoh Ramhah
It is a huge pillar rock that provides a great background for the excellent views. The Bangladesh plains are clearly visible!!

Kynrem falls

A falls near Khoh Ramhah that was completely dry.

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