A weekend at Galibore fishing (adventure) camp

Our marriage anniversary on this year was on the weekend. Instead of usual way of having dinner at a restaurant, we decided to go out of Bengaluru. Galibore fishing camp from Jungle lodges seemed to be a nice choice. It was nearer to Bengaluru but away from the crowds.

Giant Squirrel

Galibore fishing camp is about 10 km from Sangama, a famous spot for many Bengaluru people. This stretch of the road mostly goes along the river passing through a small village and couple of modern looking ashrams. The check post at Sangama restricts the people from taking this roads unless they are heading to one of the villages inside.

Brahminy Kite
At the camp, we spent most of our time lazing out. The tents were in front of Kaveri River with lots of space to play around. The big trees in front of the tents provided enough shade to rest and play. I also managed to take some photographs of the giant squirrel that was running on the trees.

Tanu enjoying her time
We were taken on a coracle ride in the evening. It was quite eventful as we saw a huge crocodile at a very short distance. The variety of birds was also a treat to our eyes. On top of that, the area was serene and peaceful.

Later we had a round of campfire next to the river that was relaxing.

Small Pratincole next to the river
We had an option of climbing a hill or walking along a river on second day morning. Since Tanu wanted to get into the river, we chose the later. Again it was a nice experience walking along the river when the early rays of sun fell on our body.

Golden Fronted leaf bird
It was a short stay at the camp but it was well spent.

Galibore is about 100 km from Bengaluru. The route is Bengaluru->Kanakapura->Sangama->Galibore. You can also visit Sangama and Mekedatu nearby though they are very crowded during weekends. Note that google map shows a road between Galibore and Muthatti/Bheemeshwari but it is closed for visitors. The camp is run Jungle lodges. There is another camp at Bheemeshwari which has easier access.

Last words

I think the place had seen its golden days when it was filled with foreigners who came for angling Masheer fishes. Angling is now banned and foreigners do not visit this place. Many people in the camp were recollecting “those days”. Now it is called as an adventure camp though I do not see any adventure!!

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