The Hague, the place of International Court of Justice

It was not a good day to visit any place in Netherlands. The weather was bad. But it was boring it sit alone in the hotel room and hence took the train to the city of Hague. 

Hague is an important city in Netherlands. It houses the Dutch Parliament and International court of Justice. Naturally these were the places of my visit. 

After alighting from the railway station, I headed towards the Parliament. Thanks to the bad weather the streets were almost deserted. The wind was blowing hard and the temperature was in negative. At the Parliament building there were hardly any people. It was too cold to stand at one place for the long time. Hence I kept on moving and took the photographs quickly!!

Dutch Parliament complex

The weather changed soon after with snow showers. I ran to a bus stop for shelter and waited for sometime for the rains to subside after which I headed towards the Peace Palace (International Court of Justice).

Snow showers
I believe most of us are aware of International Court of Justice, at least from our social studies books. It is the place where legal disputes between the countries in United Nations are settled. 

Visitors were not allowed on that day to enter into the building. So, I had to view the building from outside and visit the small museum at the entrance. 

International Court of Justice
After spending some time at the place, I decided to head back. I was in no mood to walk back to railway station. Hence took a tram that arrived in front of the Peace Palace.

Thus ended my short visit to Hague. I had heard that it had some good beaches but it was not appealing to visit during peak winter!!

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