Snowstorm stops us before Changu Lake

We knew before leaving Gangtok that we would not be able to make it to Changu lake and Nathula bordering Tibet. A snowstorm two days ago had resulted in road block. But we had the permit issued to visit the place and hence we decided to go as far as possible and come back. Due to snow storm, we expected lot of snow which had made my daughter immensely happy!!

The road from Gangtok continuously climbs up. Five km from Gangtok is a place where we need to show our permits. Post that place the road was mostly bad due to several landslides.

Landslides may lead to accidents. A truck swept down by the landslide. Not a good site to see.

As I mentioned earlier, the road continuously went up. This is how it looks.

We stopped at 15th mile for late breakfast. The place has traces of snow. That was promising to Tanu who was already kicking whatever snow that was left on the road!!

Few kilometres from 15th mile, the road was closed. Though machines worked hard to clear the now, it would take a day or two to make the route till lake. It was time to play in snow!!

My daughter was overjoyed by now. She was seeing the snow for the first time and she roamed around with happiness. 

Feeling of victory!!

Chaya and Tanu playing in snow. It was an amazing place. 

After playing for few hours it was time to head back. Due to road block, vehicles had parked in an haphazard manner which caused traffic jam. Once we cleared it, the journey was peaceful till Gangtok.

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