Waterfalls of North Sikkim

Travel to North Sikkim involves long journey through narrow, curvy, and landslide prone roads. The scene of mindless hydro electric projects (Seen everywhere in Sikkim now, very similar to Uttarakhand) also causes worry.  But it is compensated by the scenery all throughout the journey. Many waterfalls galore along the route. Three waterfalls stands out among them.

Seven Sister waterfall
At 30 km from Gangtok, it is situated in the midway between Gangtok and Mangan, headquarter of North Sikkim. As the name hints, it is a seven stage waterfall though we can see only three stages from the base.

Climb up to the view point above and the fourth stage makes it appearance. The rest of them are hidden!!

Naga waterfalls
Between Mangan and Chungthang is another waterfall called Naga.

Bhim Nala waterfalls
This waterfall is on the way between Chungthang and Lachung. Situated just next to the road, it looks like a three stage waterfall.

Note: Due to the proximity of Tibet border, permits are required to travel in North Sikkim. It is quite easy to get them via a travel agent at Gangtok.

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