A short hike in Turahalli forest

It is very hard to believe that there are some good forests in Bengaluru. One such place is Turahalli forest that has managed to survive the development (destruction) activities by developers (destroyers) around it. The place was very near to my place and it was a shame that I did not visit it for so long.

So one evening, we headed to Turahalli forest. Having parked the car on the main road, we started climbing the hill which was a short and easy. As we climb up the concrete jungle showed up revealing the size of the city. Very soon we were at Shani temple. It might be crowded on Saturday but being Sunday it was locked and the place looked empty. Good for us. 

The place provided peaceful retreat unmindful of the hustle and bustle just few hundred meters down!! What a contrast!!!! As we roamed around, we realised that there was good amount of place in the forest to explore. Unfortunately jeep tracks also criss cross the area polluting the place. Nevertheless a beautiful place to spend some time.


Turahalli is a nice place. It might be good place in the morning but later in the day and evening it can become home to drunkards. Better to be safe especially when you are with family.

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