A beautiful place called Markandeya hill

The first view of this hill did not impress Chaya and Tanu. “It looks ordinary”, both of them said. Well, neither did I had much expectation from this place. But such places always give a surprise.

As we reached the base of the hill, we had two options. One was to climb the neatly laid steps and the second option was to drive up the hill. We chose the latter as we had climbed Antaragange that morning and were not in a mood for another walk.

View from the temple
The climb to the hill was little more than a kilometre through a series of hair pin bends. At the top was a microwave station. No soul was present and we drove further to the temple. Here we felt the beauty of this place. There was so much of space amidst beautiful scenery and a nice temple stood in front of us. The only trace of human being was in the form of a scooter which I thought belonged to the priest. It is not a frequent situation to get a place for yourself. So we fully enjoyed the situation.

The temple dedicated to Markandeya is a very old structure that belongs to 15th century. The gopura was constructed recently. The complex is home to several temples. 

Tanu trying her skills in tree climbing!!
In general, a good place to see if one is visiting Kolar.

Markandeya hill is along Kolar Malur road. A deviation at Vokkaleri village will take you to the top of the hill. It is about 15 km from Kolar.

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