Few hours in Marin headlands, California

During my recent trip to San Francisco, I got an opportunity to meet few of my old friends. Vivek, close friend and room mate during my bachelor days was staying in Bay area. My stay was just for a week and could not find time to meet during weekdays due to busy schedules. Luckily, my flight was at late Saturday afternoon which gave us an opportunity for a quick meet.

Golden gate bridge
After discussing about the probable places that we can visit in that short period of time, we decided to head to Marin headlands, north of golden gate bridge. The area was known to be very scenic and I was excited.

Golden gate bridge and San Francisco skyline
After crossing golden gate bridge, we took the hilly road that overlooks Golden gate bridge. Unfortunately, we could not stop as the parking lots at the vista points was full!! We proceeded further to reach point bonita lighthouse. Thanks to great weather, the place looked like heaven.

At Bonita lighthouse
We roamed and drove around that area for some time. The scenery was awesome!! It was a pity that we did not had much time to enjoy this place as I had to head to airport to catch my flight. Vivek told that it would require a day or two to explore that area. He was already preparing the plan for our next trip!! We had not seen each other for last 11 years. Hope the next meet will not be so long.

While returning back, we went to a small town of Sausolito to have lunch and took highway 101 south to head to San Francisco airport.

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