Trek to BKT waterfalls

Visit to this waterfalls was in pipeline for a long time but I kept postponing it due to various reasons each time. When the first rains of the monsoon arrived this year, I made a plan to visit this falls during a weekend. Subbu and two of this friends joined me.

In order to trek to this waterfall, we had to reach the village at its base which was about 25 km from the nearest town. We took an auto to cover this distance. The last five km was on mud road and being rainy season there were stretches with slush. Our auto got struck at couple of places. We had a round of warmup exercise by pushing the auto!! Sharath, our auto driver was a cool person who did not bother much about these hardships. 

The waterfall made its appearance as we reached the village. Sharath had some relatives/friends in the village and he would spend time till we returned back from waterfall. As we started walking in the village, I felt that we were seeing one of the best places in Karnataka. The huge mountains of western ghats were towering in front of us with the majestic BKT waterfalls. This against the backdrop of the village was an amazing scene to watch. 

To reach the base of the falls, we had to walk through the forest. The path was surprisingly clear though we had to take several detours to avoid crossing huge dead trees. A village dog had decided to accompany us.

On the way we spotted a viper. Being scared of snakes, I would have moved away from that place as soon as possible. But ended up taking a photo thanks to my friends. Not a great shot as I was scared while taking the snap!! Being rainy season leaches were plenty. Our walk was non stop with occasional checks on our legs for leeches. 

We had walked for 45 minutes and were near the falls. The path was steeper and slippery. The last 15 minutes of walk was arduous but the tiredness was all gone as the waterfall made its appearance suddenly. What a sight!!

The falls direction changed based on the wind direction and speed. 

We could see the village from where we climbed and its surroundings. Amazing place!! Spent a long time enjoying the beauty.

The return was slower as the path was slippery. Realised that the dog had returned back while we spent our time in waterfalls!! We had our lunch at the temple in the village with waterfall in the background. As we departed the village, we had complete satisfaction and fulfilment. It was one of the best waterfall trek I had.

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