My birding trips to Valley school

It is quite surprising to know that there are nature spots within Bengaluru city. One such place is around valley school near Kanakapura road. The school which is spread across 120 acres has densely wooded areas but it is out of bounds for public. But the authorities allow people to walk around the school which is still serene and peaceful. You have to register yourself at the entrance of the school to walk around the area.

Indian Gray hornbill
Early morning is the best time to visit. One can easily spend few hours watching the birds. The crowd is consist of people interesting in birds and plants. It is common to see parents bringing their kids to expose them to the nature.

Black shouldered kite

Some of the birds seen in Valley school.

Copper Smith Barbet

White Cheeked Barbet 

Oriental White Eye

White Browed Bulbul

Great Tit

Ashy Prinia

Where is valley school?

While driving from Bengaluru, take the first right after NICE road junction and drive straight for 1-2 km till you reach the dead end which is the entrance of valley school. Sign boards also give clear directions.

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