Harvelam waterfalls, Goa

Goa is normally associated with beaches. But many people are not aware of hilly side of Goa. So much so that my family was not ready to accept that our trip to Goa has only hills and waterfalls (I did add a beach later!!) in the itinerary. One such place is Harvelam waterfalls. It is easily approachable and provides opportunity to play in water.

As we passed through the mine lorry infested roads of Goa, I had my own apprehensions about the waterfall. There was no signboards about the waterfall and I believed in the map that was taking us to the falls. A km before the falls, a dull board indicated the presence of the falls. At the place where the road ends we parked the vehicle and walked down on the neatly constructed steps amidst the village.

The steps led us to a temple and the stream flowing next to it. We climbed few steps and the waterfall made its appearance. 

The pool formed by the falls
The base of the falls had a very large pool. We also got down into the stream to get the front view of the falls. It was also a good place to play in the water.

Where is this falls?

Harvelam falls is near Sanquelim. Roads are in a good condition through the place after Ponda is surrounded by mines with hundreds of lorries plying.

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