Talade waterfalls, Goa

It would have been a difficult task to locate this waterfall. We were driving inside Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary and there were no sign boards and no people to help us. Luckily we met another group who were going to the same place. They also had a guide!!

We parked our car at Talade village and started walking along the narrow path. It was an easy walk but my daughter complained that “it was harder than she thought” as she had imagined to walk on the tar road!! Nevertheless, she could walk easily. 

After walking for about 20-25 minutes, we reached the falls. It was a small falls that made a lovely pool at the base. While we decided to play in the water, the guide mentioned about another falls with bigger pool upstream. After spending some time, we climbed up further to reach another small waterfall. A beautiful place to spend time in water. 

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