Lakshmi Narasimha temple, Vignasante

Whenever I drive to my native place, I take a detour to visit some nice places. This time when I drove to my native place during Deepavali, I selected two Hoysala temples in the list. One of them was Lakshmi Narasimha temple at Vignasanthe.

Vignasanthe is about 3 km from Nonavinakere which is on Bengaluru —> Kunigal —> Yediyur —> Tauruvekere route. At Nonavinakere, I had expected the distance to village to be about 3 km but google maps showed 21 km through a circuitous route!! It was time to switch off google maps and turn to locals for help. It was then an easy task to reach the village.

The temple plan is trikuta temple, there is only one central tower. At the entrance to the temple are two elephant statues. 

The ceiling over the main mantapa is typical of hoysala architecture. 

The most interesting part of the temple was the carvings on the top portion of the shrine. The tower itself has beautiful carvings with a kalasa on top of it.

Inscriptions in the temple. The temple was built in 1286 A.D during the reign on Narasimha III. 

Indeed it was a small and beautiful temple. We could not get into the temple as the priest was not available in the village. I understood that he stays at Nonavinakere.

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