Top 6 places I visited in New York

The first impression of New York was not encouraging. The crowd, rude people and bad driving skills did not give good feeling. But during my short stay in New York, my opinions were changed. New York indeed was a vibrant city with its good and bad parts. Amazing public transport (especially the subway), skyscrapers and gardens (30% of New York is filled with gardens!!). I almost spent every possible minute in New York walking around!!

For a traveller, New York has lot to offer. During my short stint, I managed to visit 6 places that I had in mind.

Empire state building
This was the first place we visited after checking in to the hotel. Constructed in 1931, it is one of the iconic building in New York. It is astonishing to know that it was constructed in just 13 months!! Visitor is allowed to access observation deck at 82nd, 86th and 102nd floor. It is on 86th floor where we can get clear views as the other 2 floors are completely enclosed. 

It was the tallest building in the world when it was constructed and held its position for 40 years before the original World Trade Centre was built. 

Times Square
Famous for its huge billboards and advertisements, the best time to visit Times Square is undoubtedly after sunset. The sight of those massive billboards will boost your energy!! For me, it was a great place to just sit, relax and watch the surroundings.

World trade centre
In the place of the twin towers, now stands one world trade centre, memorial and a museum, one world trade centre being the highest building in New York. 

The one world trade centre building. It is modern and very tall!!

The memorial where the names of all victims of 9/11 is inscribed. 

The subway station at world trade centre. Looks very different from other dull stations of New York!! True, New York subway stations looks dull and dirty though the system is very effective.

Statue of liberty
The most iconic structure in New York. It is situated on an island and so it is a must to take a ferry to reach this place. One option is to take the cruise ( directly to island. Tickets to crown gets filled up several months in advance. Other option is to take a cruise from pier 16 that takes through several sights of New York including Statue of Liberty. The third option is to take free State Island ferry which is not oriented towards tourists. We took the second option as the queue to the island was longer and we had little time to spare. Beware of the scams once to exit out of South ferry station.

The brooklyn bridge seen from the cruise.

The skyline of New York and Jersey.

Central park
Situated at the heart of Manhattan, this park is 4 km long and 0.8 km wide. It has several landscape gardens, fields and lakes. A great place to walk.

New York skyline view

New York skyline is visible from many places. I chose to see it from New Jersey side at Hoboken. The place was deserted but the views were excellent!!

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