Trek to Udaya Parvatha

Our day two in Shishila was to trek to the peak of Udaya parvatha. With a good sleep in the night (though very cold!!) at Gopu Gokhale’s place, we were all charged up when Angara, out guide arrived. Our plan was to walk to the Shishila temple and start our trekking. But apparently some forest department people were in the vicinity of the temple and hence we were asked to take an auto to avoid any attention. The rules of the department are hazy and left to the interpretation of officials and hence it was safe not to get into their path!!

Amedikallu as seen from Udaya Parvatha

Unlike previous day climb of Shingani Gudda, climb to Udaya Parvatha was continuously steep. The trail was also not clear and once Angara even lost the trail. Being a local, he was able to quickly join the correct path.

Ettina Bhuja view
The route passed though bamboo forest that harboured deadly ticks. The effects were known after a day!! Due to the steep ascent, the gain of altitude was quick and we realised it when we came out of the forest to grassland. The scenery was opening up!! Shingani Betta, the hill that we climbed on previous day was clearly visible.

Shingani Gudda (at the center)
The climb was still steep on grasslands but luckily the grass was short. We crossed a “flag” which would have been put up by locals. Very soon, we were on the top.

Udaya Parvatha
What a scenery!! The entire valley covering Shishila village and the surrounding hills were clearly visible. Udaya Parvatha being at the center of these hills provides a 360 degree stunning view. We never expected it to be so good. The absence of haze also provided clear views.

Amediakkallu and Ettina Bhuja
We walked to another hill that had few tress providing us with some shade to rest. An hour was spent just relaxing and looking at the surroundings. A total solitude!!

View of the valley
There are sometimes when you do not expect a lot but end with with a pleasant surprise. Udaya Parvatha was definitely one of those surprises. A complete satisfaction.

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