Amsterdam Light Festival

When I visited Amsterdam in December of last year for official work, I was wondering about the places that I could see. Having visited the city many times and with cold winter conditions, I thought that I would be confined to indoor after office hours. But google assistant helped me here by suggesting me to see Amsterdam Light Festival. Wow!! It did its job very well.

Fountains in the canal
Amsterdam Light Festival is now an annual event that takes in December and January each year. Starting 2011, the works of local and international artists is exhibited in public. Considering Amsterdam is cross crossed by canals, it is natural to expect most of the art works in the canal or next to the canal. I think it is a good way to attract tourists to Amsterdam during winter!!

A building decorated with laser light
I just had one evening to spare for this. Along with my colleagues, we decided to experience the light festival by going on a night cruise called as “Water Colours”. For around 20 Euros, they took us on a 1 hour 15 minute boat ride with audio guide explaining each art work on the way. 

Representation of Tulip 
I only had smart phone to take photos, and it was quite a task to take decent photos in night braving cold winds. I am not sure whether I did a good job, but definitely the mobile camera exceeded my expectations. 

Rainbow representation in one of the bridges
At the end of the boat ride, I was very happy. Another good way to experience was by walking along the canals. That would give better opportunities and time to take nice pictures. 

Reflecting light
It is not just the canals which are decorated but also the streets. It is definitely a fun time!!

Road from Centrum

I think it is a good idea to visit the light festival if you are visiting Amsterdam in the month of December-January. More information about Amsterdam Light Festival can be found here

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