Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

When my colleagues suggested to visit Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, I did not show much interest. My understanding of European history was limited and I found it hard to appreciate the artefacts in the museum without any prior understanding. But nevertheless, I was convinced by others to visit the museum!! 

Rijksmuseum seen from Ice Skating area
Rijksmuseum is located at museum square. During winter, the place is known for ice skating. We watched for a long time on how effortlessly people were ice skating. I had tried few years ago but for the entire hour I had to hold the wall to balance myself!! It certainly requires some time to get comfortable skating on the ice.

Ice skating area
While there is an entry fee for Rijksmuseum, we were granted free access by showing our company badge!! Philips, the company I work is the main sponsor of this museum and hence this concession. Bags are not allowed inside the museum and can be kept in lockers free of charge. Camera and mobile phones are allowed.

Inside Rijksmuseum
It is said that the museum has 1 million collections, out of which 8000 are currently displayed. The paintings of “Dutch Golden Age” were the most impressive stuff. It made me realise the Dutch paintings of those era were equivalent to the Italian ones (Like Leonardo Da Vinci). 

"Library" inside museum
The highlight of the museum was “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt which was created in 1642. As we watched the waiting closely we were mesmerised by the sunlight and shades used. The size of the painting was also huge. The figures in the photo are nearly human size giving a feeling of reality. Amazing stuff. One must visit the museum at least to see this painting.

Night Watch painting

When we came out of the museum, at was already dark. The ice skating area was empty but was illuminated with light!!

Ice skating stadium lit up by lights

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