Sagrada Familia - A large incomplete church in Barcelona

When I checked with my colleague from Barcelona about the places to visit, Sagrada Familia was the first item in his list. The building was still under construction and I was wondering how it could be such an attraction. And I was also asked to book ahead in advance to avoid last minute surprises!! Hmmm, seemed to be an interesting place. I promptly booked the tickets that included audio guide and entry to the towers. Website —> 

Sagrada Familia in construction
About Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia is considered as the masterpiece among Antonio Gaudi’s architecture works. The construction was commenced in 1882 but the work lingered on for some reasons. Now even after 135 years, it is still under construction!! The estimated completion date is 2026 which coincides with the centenary of Antonio Gaudi.


Our experience
I had booked the ticket for 9:30 AM slot for me and my friend but we arrived before that. Instead of waiting, we strolled around the building. Indeed, it looked grand but utterly complex. It is said that once completed, it will be the tallest church building in the world. 

Sagrada Familia

We were back at entrance at the stipulated time. The audio guide provided was very useful. The brief history of the building was mentioned and description of interiors of the structure was also impressive. While from outside, the building is incomplete with continuous construction, the interior works are complete and it looks stunning.

Ceiling of the building
Gaudi had used the idea of the forest for interior design. According to the Sagrada Familia site “Gaudí arrived at the revolutionary idea of leaning columns branching out like trees and of using the idea of a forest, not only as a space of magical lighting conducive to intimacy and meditation, but as an organised and hierarchical structure for the optimal support of a beautiful vault of leaves. Each tree splits into branches and supports part of the vaulting; when one tree falls, the whole forest does not collapse.”

"The forest" idea
Out of 18 towers of the Basilica, eight are completed. Four of Nativity facade and four on the Passion facade. While booking the ticket for tower, I noted that I could only book for one of them. I selected Nativity facade as it provided the views of the city. 

View from the tower
The lift took us to the top of the tower. We were also told that the lifts were available only for climbing up and we had to walk while climbing down!!

There is not much place on the top but the views were spectacular. As we got down, it was amazing to see the construction of the stairs in circular fashion is such small area!! Simply awesome. 

Steps leading down the tower
A museum in the underground gives some historical information about the building and works of Gaudi. 

We spent about 1.5 hours in Sagrada Familia and it was a good visit. Would recommend to anyone visiting Barcelona. 

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