Street performers of Barcelona

In Barcelona, you can see people showcasing their skills in the streets to earn money. They can be found at metro stations, tourist areas and prominent roads. At many places I saw them fully engrossed in showcasing their art. In this post, I am trying to show few of them in action. 
A person "sitting" without support!!
People painting themselves and sitting still is not uncommon. In Barcelona too I saw many people around tourists areas. At first I ignored them considering as statues but apparently one of them moved when a kid came to take a photo!! It was then I realized that they were live performers!!

Many people sing in metro stations. Here was one person showing his talent using this strange musical instrument in Park Guell. I was just mesmerized with the instrument.

At Arc de triomf, I spent a long time admiring the skills of two people who performed various acrobatic moves using Cyr wheel. It was stunning!!

One of the impressive performance was from the group of four people at Montjuic musical fountain. There was still some time for the fountain to start and they boys kept the tourists engaged with their stellar dance performance. Look at the glimpse of their dance in this video. It is amazing.

While street performers are common in Europe, the variety of performance was something I liked in Barcelona.

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