New Zealand day 4: Queenstown

It was time to leave Mt. Cook. The place was so beautiful and I felt bit reluctant to move out!! But we had our journey to cover that day. After breakfast, we started packing our luggage in the car.

Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown
We retraced the route we took two days before along Lake Pukaki. Took a small detour to have a look at the Pukaki canal which I had missed while coming to Mt. Cook. 

Pukaki canal
On the way, we saw a deviation to lake Ohau. Since we had time, we took the deviation which lead us to the pristine Ohau lake. It was only us at that place and we enjoyed the solitude for some time.

Lake Ohau
The next stop was Omarama, place for gliding planes. Due to bad weather, it was not an option and we spent some time lazing around!!

Lake Ohau
Lindis pass had to be crossed on the way. It was a smooth drive in the grasslands. A lookout at the summit provided some nice views of the valley.

Lindis pass summit
After the pass we drove next to lake Dunstan to reach the town of Cromwell. Soon after the town the road passed through Kawarau gorge. Roaring meg hydro station was a place to take some snaps.

Roaring meg

Queenstown seemed to be a nice town. More touristy than Christchurch!! Being next to beautiful Wakatipu lake, it has to be so!! Having been used to empty highways of New Zealand, it took some time for me to wade through the narrow streets of Queenstown center before reaching our hotel “Pinewood lodge”.

Our place of stay in Queenstown
Queenstown is famous for adventure sports. It is the place to do bungy jumping, Jet boating, Rafting, biking, swing and many others. Our agenda of the day was to visit to Skyline Gondola. The guy in the hotel showed us a shortcut on a narrow trail to the Gondola entrance!! It was just 5 minutes from our hotel. That was quick.

Tanu in front of Gondola station

Along with Gondola, we chose to do luge ride. Though luge ride looked like a kids play, it was interesting!! 

With an average incline of 37 degrees, the gondola can be considered as one of the steepest lift. Once you reach the top, the view of the lake is simply amazing.

Queenstown and lake Wakatipu
The photos simply cannot give justice to the beauty of the place!!

Lake Wakatipu
A closer look at Queenstown gardens and golf course. A beautiful town, right?

Queenstown gardens and golf course
It was time to refill our food stuff (mainly vegetables and fruits) in Queenstown. 

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