New Zealand day 5: Glenorchy and Te Anau

From my earlier posts, you would have already noticed that New Zealand is the land of lakes. The 5th day of our trip also revolved around the lakes!! We would be driving along Lake Wakatipu for most of the time.

Lake Wakatipu
Queenstown to Glenorchy is one of the most scenic routes in New Zealand. But for us, every road in that country looked scenic!! Glenorchy was about 45 km from Queenstown and the road goes next to lake Wakatipu. 

Road leading to Glenorchy
The stops were numerous as the route was absolutely beautiful. A major stop was at Wilson bay that looked like a nice beach!!

Wilson Bay
Bennet Bluff lookout provide some nice views of the lake.

The Wakatipu lake was really a big lake. Near Glenorchy, we also saw three islands - called as pig, Pigeon and Tree islands!!

It was not just the lake. The hills and forests were also equally beautiful.

Hills on the way to Glenorchy
From Glenorchy, we took the same road to come back to Queenstown. We had to go to Te Anau that was about 180 km. The first part of the journey was again on the same lake!! The views were different but still beautiful.

Our hotel at Te Anau was at the outskirts. That was not an issue as we had car at our disposal. Te Anau town was next to huge “lake Te Anau”!! 

Te Anau lake
The town itself is very small but beautiful. Tanu liked it a lot. Walking along the lake was quite nice.

It is photo time for Tanu
Tanu spent a long time playing in the garden. While going back, we saw and Indian restaurant and contemplated about having dinner at that time. But both price and menu were unattractive!! The self cooked food looked much better.

At park
We were quite excited before we hit the beds. One of the most beautiful place on earth was on the cards next day!!

Te Anau town

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