A heaven in western ghats

Look at the photo below. One need not go abroad to see beautiful places. Within few hours of drive from Bengaluru, we can reach such places!! On a long weekend, when half of Bengaluru throng to the nearby hill stations, Sankara and me were the only people in this place.

The village is in the heart of western ghats. Cows graze peacefully without any disturbance.

One of the interesting places in the village is a fort situated on a hill. The small rectangular complex is in ruins. Looking at the size, it does not seem to be built for living. It may have been served defense purposes. I should ask villagers about it next time!!

The weather was playing hide and seek. While it rained heavily for few minutes, it would suddenly clear for few seconds giving us an opportunity to view the scenery. 

When we looked back at the village from the hill, it looked beautiful and pristine.

Back in the village, the mist did not seem to go away. The same place looked different!!

We chitchatted with some villagers about various topics including the farm waiver which they were excited about. We heard them telling “City people get bored with their work on weekday and come to hills in weekend”. We silently nodded our heads.

We returned back from the village promising to come back again. Hope the charm still remains.

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