Finding Kannarama falls

With an old article in Prajavani newspaper, we had gone in search of a waterfall. No information was available in internet about this place. As we moved from highway to village road, we switched from GPS to LGPS (Local GPS)!! That always help. Locals told us that we were on wrong road and asked us to take another path. Blindly following google maps would have taken us “almost” to the village but with a mountain to cross in between!!

Kannarama falls

The road was bad and we moved slowly to ensure that the underbody of the car does not take a hit. We reached a place that looked like the end of motor able road. I showed the villagers the article with the photo of the falls and they nodded their head positively. Great!!

Like many malnad villagers, they were simple folks. They happily showed us the way to the falls. It was a short walk to the falls but the mud and slippery conditions made it difficult. Very soon we reached the stream forming that small waterfalls.

It was a small but a beautiful falls. We had to get down to the stream to have a view of it. It looked like a ultra (1/100th) small Jog falls with four branches. By then it was raining a lot and the clear water gave way to muddy color. 

Four branches!!
Climbing up from the stream was very difficult. All we needed to climb was two steps but we were continuously slipping down!! When we came up, we were in a messed up state with mud all over our body. 

Kannarama temple inside forest
A small detour from the route to the falls is the old temple. It is opened only once in a year. No one goes on other days. We were told about this when we asked about the direction to the falls. In respecting local sentiments, I stood outside the border and took a photo. An old, small and beautiful temple.

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