New Zealand day 13: Hanmer springs

It was raining heavily when we got up in the morning. The wind speed was considerably high. The cyclone (or whatever remained after passing thousands of kilometers) was passing through bringing in the last spell of rain. The weather predicted to improve dramatically in the noon. Believing that prediction, I asked everyone to be ready to move by 10AM. Looking at the rains, my family was not fully convinced about the weather!! But predictions were on the dot.

Thermal pools of Hanmer springs
Hanmer springs is built around the hot springs. Unlike in Himalayas, you can’y find them in natural places as they are channeled into thermal pools and spa. 

Hanmer Springs town
The journey was uneventful as we passed though some of the beautiful landscapes and small passes. 

Scenery on the way
Hanmer Springs was another small beautiful town. Access to thermal pools was restricted. A ticket need to be brought to enter into the pools. For 2$ you can chose just to roam around the pool without getting into waters. 

Mountains on the way to Hanmer springs
This was the only place in New Zealand where we felt it was “crowded”. But it was a large area with several pools. 

Hanmer springs
After the pools, we spent a long time in roaming around the town. We hired a family pedal cycle just for the sake of experience!!

Hanmer springs town
Hanmer Springs is definitely a great place to visit. It would be a good idea to put it at the end of the trip to relax in those hot water pools!!

Pedal cycle!!

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