New Zealand day 14: Rakaia gorge

We had skipped this place earlier due to rains. Now that the weather was clear, we decided to make a visit to the gorge.

View before Rakaia gorge
It was a short drive from Christchurch. The Rakaia river, rising from Southern alps enters into the Canterbury plains though a narrow canyon. A bridge is built on the gorge.

Mountains near the gorge
We parked our car near the gorge and went down to the river. The water was supposed to be blue but due to recent rains it had turned muddy. 

Rakaia gorge bridge
A walkway of about 10km takes through some of the beautiful view points overlooking the gorge. Unlike the walkways we saw in New Zealand this was “raw” with little maintenance. But it gives a different feeling.

View from walkway
The walkway went along the river providing some nice views of the gorge, river and the mountains nearby. Our plan was to walk as much as possible and return back. I knew with family it will not be possible to go through the entire walkway. 

A mushroom on the pth
Mt. Hutt and Lake Coleridge are located nearby but it requires a 4 wheel vehicle. Mt. Hutt is also a famous Ski area in winter.

View of Rakaia river from walkway

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