Travel back in time: A visit to “submerged bridge”

This was the bridge over a big river connecting two towns. It had a railway line too!! The construction of a reserviour over the river submerged the bridge along with many villages and forests. Now when the water level recedes, the bridge makes its appearance. The window of opportunity to visit this place is very small. It can be for few weeks in summer.
The submerged bridge
Eight years ago, I made an attempt to visit this place with my friends (Link here). The road to the bridge was still under water and we had to return back disappointed. Due to good rains in subsequent years I could not get an opportunity to visit this place. It gradually faded off from my memory. But a month ago, I saw a message from Subbu telling that the bridge has made its appearance. A quick check revealed that the water in the dam was about to reach dead storage. Knowing that the monsoon was just few days away, we quickly made a plan to visit the place.

The "road" to the bridge
The town near the place looked same like eight years back. With help from locals, we were able to find the way to the backwaters. In the meantime, we were holding our breath until we reached the backwaters due to our disappointment last time. A big relief went from all of us as we saw the water levels. It is strange to feel happy at seeing low levels of water!!

Remains of the forest
The remains of the road was very clear. The trees lined up on either side of the road had gone long back but their stumps gave a glimpse of the past. We had to park the car and walk as trenches were dug to block any vehicle movement.

First view of the bridge
It was a hot day with no shade but we enjoyed walking in the reservoir. I was feeling that we had moved back in history. The silence of the place was only broken by the chirping of the birds. It was so pristine. The landscape was barren with all trees cut.

Effect of receding waters
Within 30 minutes of walking, we saw the glimpse of the bridge. It looked near but the way was blocked by water body. We had to take a long detour to reach the bridge. At some places, we had to be careful about quick sands. 

Remains of a well and milestone
It is a old bridge and submerged for last 60 years. But it still looks strong which shows the quality of engineers and their construction in those days. The railway track is barely visible and can be easily missed. A trench has been dug to restrict any movement of vehicles. 

The ramp to the bridge
I was wondering whether there is an approach to this bridge from other side. But between the bridge and the town on the other side is a National forest that cannot be crossed.

On top of the bridge
We spent a long time at the bridge appreciating the beauty. 

Remains of the railway line
Though the place is not well known, it is famous among locals. The place becomes a heaven for drunkards. The outcome of their acts are visible in the form of broken glass bottles which has become a benchmark for Indian tourist places. One need to be careful if coming with family as the place is very remote. The drunkards become active post noon and hence it is a good idea to visit this place in the morning!! 

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