Mookana Mane falls

I like to visit waterfalls during rainy season. While it may not be the best time to get into water, but the falls look absolutely beautiful in rains. 

Mookana mane abbi
Stopping at the place where a hand written sign on a bus stop mentioned “falls”, I wondered whether we should park our car there or drive further on the mud road. The empty nice space next to the bus stop was inviting for the car. Not wanting to take any risk on unknown mud roads, we parked the car and started walking.

"Falls" stop
A nice walk of 10-15 minutes brought us to a small settlement of few houses. They turned out to be facilities constructed for tourists. All of them were empty at that point of time!! Very shortly we reached the stream that formed the falls.

Near the falls
There was some confusion here. In the downstream there was the waterfall but we could not find a way to reach that place. A path led to the pile of rocks which we felt was not the right track. Crossing the stream we tried to find a way to get down but that did not provide any result. It looked like the rocky path was the only way out. It was bit tricky but nevertheless we managed to move and very soon we were in front of the falls.

Bridge across the stream
It may not break any record with respect to height but the falls had its own beauty. It was wide and had enough water to give its majesty. 

Mookana mane abbi

The sad part was the broken alcohol bottles in the area. Being popular, the falls attracts lot of people. There is no shortage of senseless people in our country. No point in ranting about it.

A "normal" shot!!
There was a small team of four people when we reached the falls. They seemed to have plans to take bath in the stream but were disappointed with the high water levels and rains. They silently returned back as Sankara and me opened our cameras and tripods. The entire place was ours for few hours!! 

Side view of the falls
We spent a long time in waterfalls. With rains playing hide and seek, it was a challenge to take photos but we tried our best to get some shots. 

Struggling to move
While coming back, we saw a tempo traveller stuck in loose mud. I was surprised how a driver could blindly drive vehicle in such difficult areas. The group of about 8-10 people were struggling to push the vehicle. We gave some suggestions but it did not work. With nothing much to contribute, we walked away.

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