Halasuru Someshwara temple, Bengaluru

While I travelled to various places to visit architecturally beautiful temples, there was one in Bengaluru that I completely missed. I had once stayed in Halasuru where the temple within few minutes of walking distance but I did not visit this place!!

Someshwara temple, Halasuru
Now that I am staying in other side of Bengaluru, the prospect of facing traffic did not encourage me to visit this place. Thanks to metro connection, the eastern part of Bengaluru is much more “accessible” to me!!

Carvings on the wall
Situated amidst the crowded narrow lanes of Halasuru is the Someshwara Temple. It is said to be dated to Chola period but most of the structures have Vijayanagara Empire influence.

There was some renovation going on during my visit. The gopura was covered which did not look nice.

The pillar stands in front of the entrance.

The carvings in the gopura resembles typical architecture during Hoysala and Vijaynagar days. 

Carvings in gopura
Once you cross the gopura, you will see the large temple area. The open space in front of the hall gives a nice feeling though the new constructions might change that in the coming days.

Temple entrance
The hall consists of several pillars with some nice carvings. The sanctum is surrounded by a narrow passageway.

Main hall os the temple
The pillars are very typical to Vijayanagar architecture.

Pillars in the hall
Overall, a nice place to visit if you are interested in temple architecture. The temple opens from morning 6:30 to 12:30 and evening 5:30 to 8:30. Four wheeler parking is a challenge in this area. You can either park at some of the malls nearby. A better way is to take a metro to Halasuru station.

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