Ramalingeshwara group of temples, Avani

Apart from the hill, the main attraction of Avani is Ramalingeshwara group of temples. It was built in 10 century by Nolamba dynasty who ruled over this area. It was later renovated by Cholas. Now it is under the maintenance of ASI.

Ramalingeshwara groups of temples seen from the hill
As we entered into the temple complex, our SLR cameras attracted the temple people who were chatting on the platform. They told us that we are not supposed to take pictures. For a moment I thought that I might have entered a very sensitive or secret or military area!! But when I saw people taking photos with their mobile cameras, I was bit relaxed. It is only the big camera that attracted their attention!! 

Ramalingeshwara temple

And then came a question from them. “Will you post the videos”? I said that we are not from press or from TV and they need not worry about. That hurt them a lot and they became defensive says that they had not done anything wrong and they are worried about anyone. Typical attitude!!

Lakshmanalingeshwara temple
Since there was no board mentioning about the restriction, we ignored them and continued taking photos. 

The hall inside a temple
There are four main temples dedicated to Rama, Bharatha, Lakshama and Shatrughna and other smaller shrines with Lakshmanlingeswara temple being the most ornate one. ASI has done a good job of putting information boards in front of each temple. 

My trips to Kolar started only couple of years ago and I am very impressed by the attractions. Avani is one of the most beautiful place in Kolar.

Nandi statue in front of Shatrugnalingeshwara temple
Not so trivial
While moving out of the parking lot of the temple, we had accidentally put one of our lens on the roof of the car. When I started taking reverse, a Good Samaritan drew our attention towards it. He was just in time before the lens would have fallen off!! 

The temple complex

Avani is about 100km from Bengaluru. The temple opens from 10AM (or 9AM?) to 5:30 PM. There is small parking place for vehicles. Expect to spend about 30 minutes to one hour in the temple.

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