Hike to a beautiful waterfall

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If you travel on the ghat road from jog falls towards the coast, it is hard to miss this majestic waterfalls performing hide and seek at each turn on the circuitous route. Having passed through many times on this road, I thought about reaching to the base of the waterfalls. But there seemed to be no path to reach to the base of the falls. I must say that I did not give a try!!

Second waterfalls
Recently I started getting news that a track has been made to the base of the falls. While that was encouraging, it also meant that I need to visit the place as soon as possible before our people fill it with garbage. During my recent visit to my native place, my cousin sister reminded me about this falls and I promptly added to the itinerary. 

MM waterfalls seen from the trail
We had planned many places on that day and it was quite late when we reached the ghat road. While the waterfall made its appearance on the road, we were in a bit of hurry to enjoy the beauty. We had to reach to the base and come back before it got dark. 

Base of the waterfalls
Some Government department had put up a board on the highway about the falls but it had fallen off. The remaining signs were easy to miss. One of them was an arrow written on the road!!  

Direction to waterfalls!!
The walk was simple though there were deviations that could mislead a bit. We directly reached the base of the falls. The falls looked beautiful and safe to play in water. But it did not look like the “real” base. That seemed to be higher up on upstream and we could not find a way to climb further. It would be tough climb on boulders. The time was also a limiting factor on that day.

"Main" waterfalls
While coming back, we made a detour where the stream formed another falls. It required us to cross the stream and get down to the base of the falls. Here I met a photographer from Sirsi who mentioned that there is one more waterfalls upstream.

First waterfalls
To reach that stage, I had walk along the stream for around 200 meters but it was worth the effort.

The first stage
It was dark by the time we reached the highway but were fully happy with the outcome!!

"Main" waterfalls

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