Submarine experience in Mauritius

Before our trip to Mauritius, we never thought that a common person can get into a submarine. When Mauritius plan was made, Chaya who had heard about it from someone asked to include it in our itinerary. Many advertisements in Mauritius proclaimed the great experience of submarine. First I thought that it would be available at many places in Mauritius but that turned out to be false. There seemed to be only one company offering submarine. It was Blue Safari situated in North Mauritius.

Inside the submarine

When we visited North Mauritius on one of the days, we directly walked into Blue safari office. But no free slots were available that day and hence I had to make some changes to the plan and come back after two days. In general, it looks like the submarine is in great demand and it is better to make booking couple of days in advance.

Marine life

The total time duration of submarine trip was 2 hours but actual time inside submarine was about 45 minutes. From the Jetty, we were taken on a boat that took about 15 minutes where we were transferred to a bigger boat. The sea was rough and it was bit challenging to move to another boat. From the bigger boat, we had to get into the submarine. 

Corals and marine life
It was our first submarine experience. To enter into the submarine, we had to get down a narrow ladder through a small hole. Unlike the military submarines, this was a small one that had 10 + 1 seats. Five on each side and a center one for the pilot. But it was not claustrophobic. Some instructions were given and then the submarine dived into the ocean.

Wreckage of a ship

The dive was gradual and we did not notice it much. Interestingly, the red color (anywhere including shirt color) turned into violet!! This was because water acts as a selective filter and after 10 feet most of the red is gone!! The depth has different effect on each color. 


The submarine went down by 40 meters and we were at the floor of the ocean. Wreckage of a Japanese ship was seen. Having seen them only in television, it was a different experience to see in live below 40 meters. 

Sea turtle
The marine life and coral was also abundant. The sighting to remember was the sea turtle. A star fish was also seen. Many varieties of fish were seen. Having been on scuba diving and snorkeling, it is not different. The pilot ensured at both sides got good views of the marine life. Also, the roughness we experienced on the boat was completely absent under water. It was super calm!!

The submarine ride itself was about 45 minutes after which we were transferred to the bigger boat and then to the smaller one. Overall, it was a good experience though it was very expensive. But it is not common to get an opportunity to get into a submarine!! It is not easy to go down 40 meters under waters by other means!!

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