Black gorges national park, Mauritius

When I looked into the map of Mauritius, a large “green” patch of area caught my attention. It was the “Black Gorges National Park”. In the quest for blue beaches, it is very easy to overlook some of the other aspects of Mauritius. It is also one of the few remaining rainforest in Mauritius. All these aspects made me to include this as part of my itinerary.

Black gorges national park

Plaine Champagne road
There are many entry points to the national park. One of them is Plaine Champagne road deviating from the route to Chamarel (seven colored earth). This route going from east to west cuts the national park. The lookout that provides the nice view of the forests is definitely worth the visit. 

A view of forests in Black gorges national park
Further on this road is the deviation to Alexandra waterfalls. While the place was serene and beautiful, the waterfalls itself was dry. Understandable considering we were in the summer season!! It would be a good place to visit during rainy season. But the area is peaceful and a good place for picnic.

Alexandra waterfalls
This route ends at Le Petrin that has an information center and also the starting point (or end point!!) for some treks. 

View of the ocean
Les Gorges road
This is the deviation from A3 that runs along the east coast. The road ends at the visitor center that has some nice information about the national park. We went to this place on the last day of our trip. This place is good to visit if you like to walk into the forests. There are many trails in this area. We walked along a trail that provided had some stream crossing. As went deeper, the place was very peaceful where we could hear the chirping of birds, feel the motion of the winds and water flowing in the stream. Amazing place.

A stream in black gorges national park

Last words

Black gorges national park is in the South western part of Mauritius. It is definitely a nice place to visit for anyone interested in forests and hiking. A nice break from the beaches!!

Flora of Black Gorges national park

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