View of Boston

I had few hours of time to spend in Boston before flying out. While I was browsing for the places to visit, Middlesex fells reserve drew my attention. It was a large natural park just before Boston with lot of hiking trails. Due to limited time I could not spend time on hiking. One of the highlight of the park is the Wright’s tower from where you could get a nice view of Boston city. 

I reached South Border road but found the parking lot full. There was only limited parking place which was occupied by early comers. I drove a bit further but could not find any parking place. I thought that it was not my day and decided to head to Boston downtown. While going back, I saw a Good Samaritan pulling his car out of parking lot. Immediately I rushed and occupied the slot!!

Trail to the tower
It was about 10 minutes of walk with a bit of climb to Wright’s tower. The view of the top were indeed great. The nature reserve with a busy I-93 and the city provide a panoramic view!!

Wright's tower

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