Dark forest waterfalls

This area is known for dense evergreen forest. The king cobras caught near our villages are sent to this forest!! The name “Dark forest” gives an enigmatic feeling. But it is aptly named as the sunlight struggles to reach the ground!!

Whenever I passed though the road, the name of this place always intrigued me. So was the small path that went into the forest next to the sign board. Recently, I came to know about a small waterfall inside the forest. But there was only a small window of opportunity to visit the falls. Rainy season was ruled out due to leeches and multiple stream crossings. Summer would not hold much water. It meant that only the months of November and December was the right time to visit this place.

During my recent visit to my native place, I along with my uncle and cousin visited this place. Having parked our car next to the sign board, we entered into the forest. Very soon we where in for a surprise. Leeches welcomed us with full energy which we responded with liberal application of salt on our legs!! If this was the case in the month of December, you can imagine how it would be during monsoon. 

The forest was dense, sunlight was a rare commodity here and the walk involved numerous stream crossing. We were also bit careful about the snakes that were common here. One of the previous group had encountered a king cobra that had raised its hood. They had promptly returned back!! All this was in our mind as we made our way into the forest.

The path which was clear in the beginning started to fade out as we entered deeper into the forest. We walked along the stream to reach to the top of the waterfall. It was bit tricky to get down as the forest was thick to navigate and all the trees had thorns!! Somehow, we managed to find the way through rocks.

This was the falls undisturbed by human interference. We spent a long time appreciating the beauty of the place. One should not come here expecting a huge waterfall. The experience of dense evergreen forest is something priceless. 

While it had taken an hour to reach the waterfall, the return was quick and we reached the main road in thirty minutes. Before getting into the car, we counted the number of leech bites and ensured that we do not carry those creatures back home!! 

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